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Swiss Cross and «Swiss Made»

It is about the Swissness of products, so the question of how much Switzerland must be in a product so that "Switzerland" is allowed to be written on it. The focus is on the question of what can and should be called "Swiss Made". The use of incorrect sources of origin may be penalized through imprisonment or a monetary fine.

A service may be designated as a Swiss service if both the official workplace and a part of the actual administration of the service provider are allocated in Switzerland. In the case of corporations, it is sufficient if those conditions apply to the parent company. Food or groceries must meet two criteria so that they can be designated as "Swiss Made": at least 80% of the weight of the raw materials available in Switzerland must come from Switzerland; apart from milk where 100% must be from Switzerland. Secondly, the activity which gives the product its essential characteristics must be carried out in Switzerland. In the case of industrial products, at least 60% of the production costs have to be incurred in Switzerland and a major phase in the production process must be carried out in Switzerland.

A cross is considered a Swiss cross if it is an upright white cross placed on a red background, with four arms which are identical and one-sixth longer then their width. The use of the Swiss cross on a product or in connection with a service is generally understood as a geographical indication. The appliance of it presupposes that these are Swiss products and the criteria for the use of the designation "Swiss Made" are fulfilled. If, on the other hand, the Swiss cross is merely used as a decoration, as on a T-shirt; meaning there is no geographical indication, thus the criteria do not have to be fulfilled. In no event shall the use of the Swiss Cross be misleading or inaccurate, or contrary to public policy, good morals, or violating the law. The registration for the monopolization of the Swiss Cross is not permitted, but the registration is possible in combination with other symbols. The use of the Swiss coat of arms is in principle reserved for the Swiss Confederation.

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