How it works

SKUANI is a consultancy marketplace. SKUANI allows clients to efficiently get in touch with suitable consulting experts.


  1. Select the search masks which best fits your needs or enter the desired term in the full-text box
  2. Select the field for which you have a consulting need
  3. Filter your search by selecting a specific department and choosing a specific service
  4. Contact the expert directly or leave them a message so they can contact you
  5. Choose a suitable professional consulting product
  6. Start a consulting project
  7. Ask your question and receive an answer from a competent expert


  1. Register yourself as an expert
  2. Create your Expert Profile
  3. Confirm your expertise
  4. Create and display your professional contributions and publications
  5. Network with other experts
  6. Place your professional consulting product
  7. Open a Team Profile for free (optional)